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Valeo Groupe America’s objective and mission is “Together, Growing Community.” The company’s operations platform focuses on delivering a proprietary resident experience program approach that will add immense value to the overall higher learning experience of students by building exceptional facilities designed with the evolving student in mind.


As Valeo Groupe Americas’ flagship student brand consisting of cottages, townhomes and brownstones, EPOCH offers amenity-rich spaces and dynamic student communities with a branded hospitality model that celebrates the journey of every college student.

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Luxury Flats Clemson


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Founding Partner, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Valeo Groupe

Kevin M. Sealey

Works Hard
As the tribe member responsible for the day-to-day management of Valeo Student and its subsidiaries, I implement programs that monitor and improve financial performance, create best-in-class customer experiences, develop training and development programs for all tribe members, and oversee all aspects of the student housing platform. Prior to Valeo Groupe Americas, I was fortunate to play an integral part in taking Campus Crest Communities (NYSE: CCG) public in 2010 and helped close the largest merger in the student housing space, expanding CCG’s footprint across 26 states, as well as Canada.

Has Fun
Outside of the office, you can find me spending time with my wife and daughter biking, hiking, hanging out in the park, and cooling off at a local brewery. Or, if I have time alone, it’s usually spent deep in the woods searching for golf balls I shank off the tee.

Helps Others
In my personal life, I try to leave a positive impact on anyone that I come across and live by the ‘pay it forward’ mentality, hoping that it inspires others to do the same. Professionally, I feel the same way. By focusing on the growth and development of each and every tribe member we have, not only am I privy to his or her aspirations, but I can facilitate opportunities to fulfill each one.

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Founding Partner & Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Resident Experience, Valeo Groupe

Amanda S. Fisher

Works Hard
I work with the Valeo Student and Valeo Senior tribes to ensure we are exceeding our residents’ expectations, achieving our revenue targets, and that processes are in place to make our teams more successful. Having previously served as Vice President of Sales for Campus Crest, where I was responsible for the leasing and revenue performance for 51,000 beds, delivering on an outstanding customer experience while executing and delivering on the brand promise is in my blood.

Has Fun
I’m passionate about helping others, working out, cooking and new adventures. When I’m not working, I enjoy to traveling to new places, spending time with my family, trying new recipes, and anything outside.

Helps Others
At Valeo, I get to integrate my passion for helping others by developing and mentoring other tribe members, as well as helping our residents have an amazing experience at one of our communities. In my personal life, my grandmother is suffering from dementia so I try to visit and be there for her even if it’s only a phone call to brighten her day. I also try to always be a positive influence on people around me and to be there when a friend or family member is in need. In my professional world, I do all I can to help coworkers grow and develop to their potential.

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Senior Vice President of People, Culture, Brand & Experience, Valeo Groupe

John E. Zwolinski

Works Hard
After starting and running a branding and marketing firm for 20 years with my business partner and wife, Tina Zwolinski, I decided to take on the next challenge of my career as the VP of Culture, Branding & Experience with Valeo Groupe – a company I have been serving in various forms as a consultant for over 15 years. I work to inspire our talented tribe to deliver remarkable and differentiated experiences for our residents, stakeholders and the communities we serve. It’s an honor to be entrusted with creating a positive impact in the lives of our tribe, as well as the students and seniors we reach, and sharing those stories across the globe.

Has Fun
I am a rabid sports fan and, as a native New Englander, winning championships is fun, even if it is a fairly new phenomenon. Professionally, I work seriously hard, but try not to take myself too seriously. With the right mindset, I believe you can make even the mundane fun.

Helps Others
As an adoptive father of three, I enjoy participating in the growth and development of my children – it’s a never-ending adventure, challenge, and privilege. I work to instill in them the mindset that the best way to help yourself is to help others. I bring the same mindset to my work; if I am dedicated to helping others succeed, I’ll be more successful.

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